Are you Backing up All your Dental Office Data?

That sinking feeling of data loss is dreadful. After the long hours of labor to finish the project, you forget to save the file. The pain to give your best goes in vain. Imagine as a health practitioner, you lose the critical data such as:

  • Patient’s health history
  • Inventory lists
  • Financial accounts
  • Payroll information and much more

The problem worsens when there is no back up on cloud, or other computers.

Why Is Data Backup Important for Dentists?

Data loss can halt the practice of the Dental Office, out of commission for days or months.
The simple solution is to back up the data on the Cloud, so that operations continue, no matter what happens. Here is how data backup can help.

  • Data corruption
  • Accidental deletion
  • Hardware malfunction
  • Fire, flood or any other form of disaster

Backing up of the Dental Office data in a safe way, and complying with the mandates of secure electronic records, requires a perfect established IT system in place. Investing in 256 Bit military grade encryption is possible if you are saving data over the cloud, and the chances of a data leak is kept to the bare minimum.

What should your Data Backup Process Be?

The data backup process includes retaining a copy of the data outside the physical confines of the office. Backup practices need to include not only copying data, but also programs, settings, and the operating system.

1. Run Timely Scans
The more important the data, the more frequently you will want to run your backup and the more backup copies, daily or weekly. The goal is simple – backup the computer and associated data in the Cloud, for a peaceful lifelong profession.

2. Encrypt the Data
All dental data must be encrypted. This includes any data encrypted on your server, on any other computer(s) to which you backup in the office, in the cloud and on your computer(s) at home to which you restore from the cloud.

3. Protect from Unwanted Crashes
If you are having data on your physical hard disks, there is always the risk of the data crashing, which can mean that you would lose out on all the important data. Saving data over the cloud helps you avoid this problem – and you can get access to the data you need, anytime you want.

You get easy access to patient data, and can even share the data with your patients if necessary. You could even create patient data accounts that patients could access easily, no matter where they are. Most importantly, it would help you protect your organizational data. A leak of a patient’s health record or any other information is a breach of constitutional law. If you have your own dental clinic, you need to secure organizational data right away.

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