Is Your Dental Office network running on CAT6?

CAT6 is the most commonly used form of Category6 cable. It is an Ethernet cable standard defined by TIA/ EIA, a 6th generation of twisted pair Ethernet cabling. CAT6 was designed to support Gbps Ethernet. It has 4 pairs of copper wire, and for higher performance, it uses all the pairs of signaling.

Typically the computers are connected together through Ethernet cabling, which is also called as network cables. CAT 6 is completely backward compatible and can be applied for any application with which you generally use cat 5 cables.

Is Your Office Running On CAT6?

Check for these factors to know whether your dental office network is running on CAT6
It is not practical to do a complete wiring of computers in many offices. Many dentists want the ability to use tablet PC or laptop entire their office. The best solution in these cases is to go with a wireless network.

It is not technically correct to refer switches as hubs, but many people still do it. The information passes through every computer in a network with less intelligent device is known as a hub. On the other hand, a switch is a smarter hub which sends requests from a workstation to server.


Check for the speed the workstations are operating. The real speed is about 70-80 Mbps with a maximum of 100 Mbps. The first main stream wireless networks accepted were called 802.11b, also known as Wi-Fi. The speed on the cables differs on the variety of cables used for the network connection.


The cost to add computers to the network is almost nil when the network cables are in place. Each computer requires a wireless adapter for wireless networks. Most computers do not come with wireless adapters even though many laptops and notebooks have in-built wireless adapters, so you need to add either USB adapter or PCI for each and every system.


In order to access within a wired network, someone has to physically plug into the network. Anyone from the neighborhood can access your network with in the range of 150 ft when wireless network is connected. Many of the available wireless systems allow high-security systems.

Use WPA set up security wireless encryption method for securing your wireless connection. It can be only done to the computers you connect to the network and by turning off the wireless network’s broadcasting. The problem is that all wireless systems by default come with security turned off. Many people are too restrained or in experienced to set up a proper network security.

Why Is CAT 6 The Wise Choice?

CAT6 offers some amazing benefits including really fast speeds and improved security. You also save on costs as you add on more computers to your network.

Before opting for a network connection, dentists must undergo the review of each cable and have to look at each pros and cons. Consult a network specialist and work with them to get rid of any further complications due to ignorance of critical problems that commonly occur.

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