Top Best Panoramic Units on the Market Today

Looking for the best panoramic units in the market? If you own a dentistry, you sure need one. So, how do you know which is the best one for you?

Panoramic X-ray- Why Do You Need Them?

Panoramic X- Ray, generally termed as panoramic radiography is a 2 dimensional, 2D dental examination by an X- Ray machine which captures the whole mouth in an image, including lower and upper jaws, teeth, surrounding structures and tissues. A panoramic x- ray is a non-invasive medical test which helps the doctors diagnose and treat medical cases.

Digital panoramic systems are much faster than film-based panoramic x- rays. The units capture the images with lesser radiation exposure. Several digital panoramic units allow upgrading to 3D cone beam imaging and optional cephalometric imaging.

Let us take a look at the variety of digital panoramic units found in the market.


It is the most commonly used imaging modes. It is sleek and the compact body design is built for long life. It is simple and involves a 3 step process for the x- ray image, and is great looking at competitive price. It provides high-quality images that meet diagnostic demands. Its Focus-Optimized X-ray technology enhances the depth of the field for best radiographic image precision. Its large LCD screen with touch interface makes program choice visceral for you.

2. Care Stream Dental’s CS 8100 SC

It features the world’s fastest cephalometric imaging tracing and technology software. It is fully packed with a range of powerful software features and available image formats. CS 8100SC is the perfect choice for oral surgery and orthodontic applications for everyday use. It uses CMOS sensor type and can be adjusted easily at your office as it is free standing.

3. GXDP-700 SERIES Panorex

The GXDP – 700 series gives dentists the dependable image capture of a wide range of radiographs. It has the ability to transform the images from 2D panoramics to cephalometrics to 3D. The frequently used settings are stored with a smart logic technique for reducing the setup time and thus optimizing the workflow.
It offers 33 panoramic options including two 3D volume sizes with a dose saving scout view, 11 projections for 3 different sizes of the patients and the power to lend cephalometrics.

4. roOne Dental Digital Panoramic X-ray Unit

Pro One digital from Planmeca is a lightweight x- ray unit with a small foot print. To select the optimal focal layer, its feature scout image helps in a better way. An auto focus feature is added to use a less dose and graphic interface makes it easy to operate. To meet a large number of extra oral imaging needs, it gives you a number of imaging options. It is a convenient machine fit for dentists who want the best results.

Panoramic units are really essential today as it has become really useful in dentistry. It is used to diagnose patients effectively and successfully.

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